Choosing a third-party logistics (3PL) provider is one of the most important decisions that a business leader can make. Outsourcing logistical services may be an obvious choice for the well-being of a company, but it also requires a great deal of trust and confidence in the partnership. A 3PL provider is often integrated into essential procedures and projects at many levels, so businesses should take the time to consider their own needs and find a service provider that can help them achieve their objectives.


1. Look for a 3PL with an Emphasis on Integrity

It’s hard to pick one quality as the single most important characteristic of a 3PL, but integrity should always be near the top. Companies develop a reputation based on their history of service and their current client relationships. A solid 3PL won’t hesitate to share their success stories and connect prospective clients with people or companies who they’ve partnered with in the past. Integrity is a trait born from a healthy and positive business culture, so it’s not something that a company can usually change in a matter of days or weeks.


2. Search for Broad and Diverse Capabilities

When companies look for a logistics partner, they are seeking a cost-effective way to expand their options and minimize administrative burden. A defining feature of successful logistical service providers is a healthy supply of connections that allow them to find alternative solutions and adapt to changing circumstances when necessary. A strong network of business contacts and services is essential for dealing with unexpected challenges.


3. A Commitment to Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is a pivotal issue for any employer, but it’s particularly important in energy, construction and other high-risk industries. Businesses who are serious about building a long-term, successful partnership should look for a 3PL that emphasizes safety around the clock. Specialized safety practices, focus on training and a strong record of responsible work performance are all traits to look for.


4. Choose a 3PL With Responsive Service

Even the most effective and affordable logistics providers lose clients if they don’t prioritize customer service. Relationships with 3PLs are true partnerships that require close contact and communication to ensure seamless operations throughout each project. Companies should always look for a 3PL that is equipped to support the organizational structure that’s already in place and deal with challenges typical to their industry.


5. Results That Speak for Themselves

There’s no substitute for quality when it comes to business partnerships, especially when that partner plays a crucial role in basic workplace operations. When it comes to selecting a 3PL, companies shouldn’t settle for mediocre results. Professional service providers should have trained and experienced team members who take pride in their work for each client. Providers that cut corners and routinely exert only minimum effort simply can’t give their clients the logistical support they deserve.


Keep Your Business Moving with Logistics Experts

Expeditors & Production Services (EPS) may provide a comprehensive array of logistical services, but all of the work we do revolves around our core values of safety, quality and integrity. We build close partnerships that allow us to consistently provide effective support services for our clients. Our expertise and professional resources allows clients to delegate encumbering administrative burdens so they can focus more on what they do best. Contact us today to partner with a 3PL that works with you to meet your goals effectively.