At EPS, we believe that our most important asset is our people. That’s why, above all, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity to ensure the safety and success of our employees, our partners and the communities in which we operate


We put safety at the forefront of all operations and strive for incident-free operations (IFO) at our own facilities and those of our customers. Every EPS employee goes through rigorous trainings and certifications to ensure they meet all regulatory HSE standards, as well as uphold the core pillars of our business operations. From senior management to support crew, we hold each of our employees accountable for their own health and safety and that of their coworkers through our workplace safety program.


As a service company, we work closely with our customers and partners to understand their needs and develop new, innovative solutions that are tailored to their business. We are dedicated to building long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients, as well as our employees, through shared experience and mutual trust, enabling us to succeed together.


Integrity lies at the heart of EPS. We demand the highest level of personal accountability at every level of our company and promote a culture where issues of integrity and professional ethics can be discussed openly. It’s this unwavering commitment to promoting honest and ethical conduct that makes EPS a reliable partner to our worldwide stakeholders and clients.