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Consulting Services


For a project to be truly successful, it takes a skilled workforce overseen by professionals who understand not only what it takes to make a service line profitable, but also how to navigate the complex regulations and standards of your industry. At EPS, we provide comprehensive consulting services for both offshore and onshore operations, and our highly experienced personnel work as a part of your business to successfully execute projects as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

For more than 20 years, we’ve leveraged our industry experience and expertise to offer customized staffing services as unique as your business. With our flexible outsourcing capabilities, you can quickly and easily adjust your staff as your business scales, selecting only the services needed to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with minimal interruption.

Our consulting personnel are highly-trained and certified in industry best practices and their respective specialties to assist our clients in finding practical solutions while protecting your most valuable assets.

Our consulting services include:

Drilling Consultant

EPS’ highly-experienced drilling consultants provide onsite supervision of day-to-day drilling operations to ensure all aspects of your drilling project are completed to the highest standard. Our drilling consultants are responsible for the safety of all personnel on location while coordinating with rig crews to successfully execute the operator’s drilling plan as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Completion Consultant

Completion consultants supervise workover and completion operations and assist in preparing completion, testing and workover procedures on behalf of the operating company. These operations may include hydraulic fracturing of vertical and horizontal wells, coil tubing cleanout, running tubing, casing and frac strings, setting down-hole pumps and rods, as well as pumping unit installation.

Project/Construction Manager

Our construction managers are experienced in coordinating and supervising construction activities on behalf of the operating company. They work closely with project managers on project planning and cost estimates, as well as with engineers to ensure the scope of work is achieved and in accordance with the client’s requirements and timeframe and in accordance with all regulatory standards.

Construction Consultant

EPS’ construction consultants provide onsite inspection and company representation for construction activities carried out by contractors. Our consultants ensure that all contractors’ duties are completed by competent and experienced personnel and in sufficient numbers according to company, environmental, safety and other requirements and regulations.

Environmental Consultant

Our team of professional environmental consultants provide onsite inspection and company representation for environmental impact due to activities carried out by contractors or equipment upsets. They are experienced in developing unique solutions that ensure projects are completed in accordance with all federal and state regulations, while helping to lower costs and reducing risks in an environmentally responsible way.