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Logistics & Safety Services


From cost-efficient management of your dock and vessel coordination to ensuring the health and safety of the ones that run the day-to-day on your rig, EPS specializes in providing an effective, comprehensive support system for every step of your operation.

With our 20+ years of industry experience and expertise, we offer industry-leading outsourcing that is customized to the current and future needs of your business. With our flexible service capabilities, you can change and adjust as your business scales, selecting only the services needed to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with minimal interruption.

EPS personnel are trained and certified in industry best practices and are highly skilled in their respective specialties to help bring bottom-line values as well as strategic growth to your operations.

Our logistics services include:

Shorebase Dispatcher

EPS shorebase dispatchers oversee dock crews, truck drivers and vessel crews to coordinate the most effective and cost efficient schedule for loading, unloading, documenting and storing all materials shipped to and from your facility.

Rig Clerk

Responsible for operational documentation of rig activity such as material tracking, cost control, transportation and logistics, our rig clerks are trained to handle SEMS and HSE program management to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently. In addition, all of our rig clerks are trained in both WellView and OpenWells—the industry standards for operator software.

Materials Management

EPS offers materials management support, including reviewing manifest forms to validate all materials are accurate and compliant and communicating discrepancies with dispatchers and shorebase crew to reduce costs and optimize operations.

Safety Technician

Our highly trained and certified safety technicians are responsible for overseeing the health and safety of your workers, as well as for ensuring compliance with local, state and federal government regulations, industry standards and company guidelines.

Cargo Handler

Cargo handlers visually inspect slings, harnesses, chains and binders to evaluate strength and detect any damages or defects that could weaken the fastenings or attachments, making them unsafe for use and requiring their immediate removal from service.

Cooks & Galley Hands

From ordering, inspecting and coordinating grocery deliveries to planning and preparing freshly-cooked meals, EPS’ cooks and galley hands ensure proper and safe meal preparation for your crew.