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Support Personnel


From cost-efficient management of your dock and vessel coordination to ensuring the health and safety of the ones that run the day-to-day on your rig, EPS specializes in providing an effective, comprehensive support system for every step of your operation.

With our 30 years of industry experience and expertise, we offer industry-leading outsourcing that is customized to the current and future needs of your business. With our flexible service capabilities, you can change and adjust as your business scales, selecting only the services needed to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with minimal interruption.

EPS personnel are trained and certified in industry best practices and are highly skilled in their respective specialties to help bring bottom-line values as well as strategic growth to your operations.

EPS provides the following support personnel:

»  Shorebase Dispatchers
»  Rig Clerks
»  Materials Managers
»  HSE Technicians
»  Regulatory Compliance Technicians

»  Yard Foremen
»  Clerical
»  Aviation Dispatchers