No company can reach its potential without a full complement of trained and vetted staff members. The work of every person within an organization impacts the performance of everyone else, and overall productivity is undeniably essential to success. This is why many established businesses have invested heavily in their employees and spent years developing their workforce to match their culture, objectives and operational strategy.

While it’s still very possible to cultivate a complete workforce independently, this approach is no longer the only choice for business leaders. Supplementing or replacing employee positions with outsourced professionals can help companies find their stride faster. Working with third-party personnel also offers several other distinct potential benefits compared to a conventional hiring strategy.

Workers Who Land on Their Feet

Perhaps the most obvious, but no less significant, benefit of outsourcing is access to a diverse team that already has industry and occupational experience. Third-party personnel already understand the basics and are trained to perform in industry work environments. Many have also worked in multiple positions or for different companies, so they know how to adapt to new situations and fill their role to the best of their ability.

Incorporating even a few outsourced professionals into an internal workforce can introduce key skills and experience to other employees. This is particularly valuable for local management and team supervisory roles where knowledge transfer is part of the job.

Flexibility to Meet Changing Demands

One of the most frustrating aspects of hiring and maintaining a workforce is anticipating the company’s future needs. Leaders and managers don’t want to hire more people than they need, especially if there’s a contract involved. However, it can be just as costly to hire too few people and be unable to perform the work at maximum efficiency.

Leveraging third-party personnel is an effective way to adapt to changing circumstances. Employers can scale their outsourcing up or down with relatively short notice, which lets them keep their options open as they gauge expected demand in the months ahead. This flexibility helps companies seize new opportunities and address emerging obstacles without missing a step.

Cutting Down on Costs

Even in a situation where an outsourced person earns as much as a traditional employee, using third-party personnel can save a lot of money. There are several “hidden” costs in the hiring process beyond employee salary and benefits. Hiring managers, their assistants and related administrative expenses all contribute to total employment cost. Ongoing professional development and training can also add up to a serious investment over time.

Focus on the Big Picture Decisions

Company leaders are typically in a position to make high-stakes decisions about the direction and goals of their organization. This kind of responsibility demands a clear mind and focus on priority issues. The support of a talented and dedicated team is essential, but it’s also easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of workforce maintenance. Outsourcing is a solution that confers the benefits of a maintained workforce without consistent pressure on managers and leadership.

Expedite Success with Third-Party Personnel

EPS helps businesses achieve their potential through expert outsourcing solutions. Our personnel services place experienced professionals exactly where they need to go, whether they are site supervisors, rig crew members or galley hands. Every role on the team is important and has the potential to provide value to the employer.

Outsourcing isn’t always the right choice in every situation, but it does have considerable advantages in certain industries. Our third-party personnel solutions can help cut costs, increase production capacity and improve overall operations in both onshore and offshore environments. Contact us today to learn more.