Innovation isn’t just a luxury for modern oil and gas companies—it’s necessary to achieve long-term survival and success. Conventional staffing practices still serve some organizations well, but the costs and challenges of maintaining a full staff of needed personnel can also be prohibitive. That’s why many business leaders in the industry have shifted their staff to a hybrid workforce that includes salaried positions within the company alongside outsourced professionals from a third-party expert like Expeditors & Production Services.

Increase Company Value Through Hybrid Staffing

For many companies, a core team of well-trained and dedicated professionals is an indispensable asset that drives productivity. However, even the most motivated and productive core teams need help once in a while. Personnel outsourcing from a third-party provider can be a great way to augment an existing team by supplementing it with different skills, training and experience.

Hiring personnel from an established and experienced provider has several potential sources of value for companies. Outsourcing eliminates the need to train employees and develop professional or management skills from the ground up. There’s no doubt that training and experience are essential, but the investment can take years to pay off. Professional team members hired through EPS already understand how to do their jobs while maximizing safety and adhering to local operational protocols.

Personnel from a third-party source can also provide valuable insight and experience throughout the company structure. With a broad range of industry knowledge, they can help identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement in large and small processes alike. They also know how to minimize waste in their own positions and analyze performance for comparison against similar operations.

Leverage Outsourcing on an As-Needed Basis

Building a relationship with a personnel service provider like EPS also gives companies more options when dealing with adversity and uncertainty. Company staff members may quit or retire at inopportune times, leaving noticeable gaps in the staff structure. Some projects may also require more personnel than initially expected, leaving the operator scrambling to find qualified people to fill out their team.

Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to address these situations, especially since many of these professionals are qualified to fill multiple roles in oil and gas operations. At EPS, we maintain a diverse and talented professional team that includes everything from shorebase dispatchers to cooks and galley hands. Our pre-BSEE inspectors help clients maintain compliance, while our rig clerks and safety technicians ensure smooth operations through active reporting and management.

Design an Effective Workforce

While EPS does offer full staffing services to our clients, we specialize in providing customized solutions that give clients free choice over their service package. The hybrid workforce has significant appeal and potential value for our clients, but we are always looking for ways to better address their needs. Whether our clients outsource all of their personnel needs or only do so on an as-needed basis, we strive to deliver excellence on every project by focusing on safety, integrity and people.