EPS has been reducing overhead and maximizing productivity for oil and gas proprietors for over 20 years. We’ve recently launched EPS Phoenix Medical Solutions, LLC to provide comprehensive HSE support for crucial operational areas, including construction, marine, upstream and downstream. Although based in Lafayette, LA, we deliver full-service medical coverage and remote medic assistance in the Gulf of Mexico, across the entire landmass of the United States and in international markets.


Prioritize Health and Safety

In the oil and gas industry, the best approach to ensuring stringent HSE standards are met at all times is prevention. Having a highly-structured logistical framework in place is the basis of guaranteeing any protocol or procedure is adhered to by the workforce. With said framework in place, it becomes a trickle-down effect in which senior team members lead by example, thus influencing the entire team to take responsibility for themselves and for each other.

Simply put, EPS Phoenix helps to implement plans that promote a safe and secure work environment to enhance employee safety, minimize lost-time incidents and reduce HSE-related overheads. We also provide our clients with a highly-trained remote medical assistance service which allows for around-the-clock healthcare, including pre- and post-accident care, examinations and occupational testing.


3PL Telemedicine Technology

EPS Phoenix is a 3PL company at the cutting edge of the onshore and offshore medical solutions field. We understand the importance of remote medical care for oil and gas workers and provide integrated solutions using the most sophisticated technology to give our clients instant real-time access to telemedicine services. Our occupational MDs can examine patients, communicate with remote medical personnel and even offer life-saving emergency care using state-of-the-art digital tools.


On-Site Medical Personnel and Training

Our experienced team can provide essential medical services in real-time, even in the harsh conditions faced in the oil and gas sector. The health risks of the industry are well-known, and our knowledgeable staff can preempt potential issues and mitigate potentially cataclysmic health consequences that can occur on and offshore.

EPS Phoenix goes well beyond providing paperwork and being there in case of an incident. Our expert medical staff helps to provide ongoing support and training within the workplace, as well as conducting scheduled risk assessments. And with access to our 24/7 medical call center, you can rest assured that your employees will receive immediate medical care, anytime, anywhere. 


Our Occupational Medicine Clinic in Pecos, Texas

The EPS Phoenix team recently opened a clinic in Pecos, Texas, which services industry-related traffic in the Permian and Delaware Basin areas. Our paramedics and nurse practitioners specialize in emergency care, occupational medicine and occupational testing, exceeding the expectations of our patients and clients in everything we do.

To discover more about how we can help your company become a safer, more efficient workplace, contact EPS Phoenix today.