One of our EPS team members, Donnie Michot, adopted a 3-year-old girl — here’s his journey:

What’s the old saying—man makes a plan and God laughs?


Yeah, that’s it, and we have seen that a lot in our married life. After 19 years of marriage and with two kids, Triston (16) & Alyssa (12), we thought we were finished with our “baby years.” Hold on, here comes Alexis!!


In November of last year we received a phone call from the family members that were taking care of her explaining how they could no longer afford to do it. We opened up our home and hearts to her not knowing exactly what we were going to do. She was 2 years old when we took her in and was clearly a troubled child. We decided on the adoption process to ensure she had a stable childhood, as much as we could give her.


Although the adoption didn’t go through due to the time she had lived with us, we have primary custody with her. Sometimes what you plan is not exactly what God has planned for you, but with His plan something much better comes from it. We thought our family was complete but we were mistaken. There was a part of us missing, and that part came in the shape of an energetic, smart, happy, stubborn, imaginative & creative little girl who has stolen our hearts. Alexis calls us Uncle D and Auntie, and to her, Triston’s name is Brother and Alyssa is Loo.


Our lives have changed in so many ways since November but all of them are for the better and most importantly, Alexis has the stability and love she deserves.