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Production Operations

In order to be successful, you know that you can’t simply set and forget your operation. It takes regular upkeep, maintenance and expert adjustments to keep it running effectively, efficiently and, most of all, profitably for years to come.

With more than 20 years of industry expertise, we understand the services you need on a day-to-day basis—and can provide a customized, scalable workforce that grows alongside your business. We work closely with you and your crew to deliver the right personnel to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with minimal interruptions.

Not only are EPS personnel trained and certified in industry best practices, they’re also highly skilled in their respective specialties to help improve utilization and resource sharing while maintaining safe handling of all your production operations and day-to-day upkeep.

EPS provides the following production personnel:

»  Production Operators & Pumpers
»  Facility Operators
»  Flowback Operators
»  SCADA Technicians
»  Maintenance Technicians
»  Mechanics
»  Electricians
»  I&E Technicians

»  Supervisors
»  Field Foremen
»  Crane Operators
»  Barge Supervisors
»  Control Room Operators
»  Offshore Installation Managers
»  Ballast Control Operators
»  Well Watch Technicians