We are excited to announce the winners of the 3rd Quarter POINT Program! POINT (Potential Observation Incident Notification Technique) is the name of EPS’s Behavior Based Safety Program. Behavior Based Safety is a process by which samples of behaviors, or observations are taken to identify potential hazards, reinforce safe behaviors and to coach improvement of at-risk behaviors. Quality observations are crucial, because the information collected from them is utilized to proactively prevent injury, focus on areas of improvement and implement action plans that will ultimately make EPS a safer company. Congratulations to the winners listed below for their top-quality POINT Observation Cards!

1st Place: Corey Innabnit – Production Operator

“While going to operate the crane for a personnel transfer, I noticed that the anti-two block had a pressure leak, so we stopped the crane lift and placed it out of service. We fixed the leak and placed the crane back in service.”

2nd Place: Joe Patin – Production Operator

“While lowering slop drum using overhead crane, I noticed that the stop bar was not placed across the catwalk to prevent hands from walking under the load. I made everyone aware and lowered rail to prevent employee from walking under load.”

3rd Place Deryn Bergeron – Forklift Operator/Rigger

“Multiple people were giving hand signals while loading a truck. Just stopped the job and talked about how to do it better.”