Ask any successful business what their company’s most important asset is and you’ll often get one simple answer: “our people.” That answer is no different for Expeditors & Production Services.

As a logistics and personnel service provider, the industry experts, experienced staff members and management team at EPS are the force driving progress and creating value for our clients. They are the reason we can provide exceptional and comprehensive services in the oil and gas industry – whether it’s consulting for logistical concerns or providing full staffing for site operations.

Education and Training: Building a Foundation for Success

One of the biggest challenges that oil and gas companies face is building a diverse, professional team that has all of the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise needed for optimal production. Building this essential foundation requires a substantial investment of time and money, as well as thought and planning on the part of decision makers. Outsourcing personnel requirements to a reputable and established provider like EPS allows businesses to reap the rewards of a well-trained workforce without the need to maintain it.

Knowledge is a powerful and irreplaceable tool in any acquisition or transportation process. While experience levels on a team typically range from entry-level to industry veteran, all of these people serve crucial roles and should be equipped with the education they need to do their job and participate in a demanding team environment.

The Benefits of a Safety-First Policy

Since our people are our primary asset, it only makes sense that personal safety is always a top priority. Emphasizing safety is essential for building trust and loyalty with a workforce, showing them that their employer is both responsible and responsive to their needs. Cutting corners on safety may seem like a good idea for short-term cost savings, but it is rarely the right decision in any industry. Making safety a priority ultimately reduces the number of accidents resulting in personal injury and property damage, leading to cost-savings over a longer period of time.

Cultivating a Culture of Motivation and Participation

The term “culture” is often thrown about in discussions of business management and workforce development, but the concept is rarely used to its full potential. Culture basically describes the attitude that pervades an organization and how it affects the ability, motivation and attitude of staff members. EPS motivates workers to succeed and exceed expectations by developing a fair system of incentives to encourage positive growth. We also look for new ways to engage our employees and make them part of the process, so they are personally invested in their work.

Growing Through Communication and Feedback

In this industry, one single lapse in communication can have disastrous consequences, and a climate of slow or inaccurate communications can sink an otherwise healthy business. At EPS, we are committed to building strong connections throughout our personnel structure to ensure everyone is on the same page. We encourage feedback from all of our team members so we can constantly improve and streamline processes for clients.

We also believe that there is no substitute for the truth when it comes to observing, reporting and analyzing. Decision makers must have access to current, accurate and comprehensive data so they can make informed choices. That’s why EPS structures our services and internal personnel development around the basic principles of integrity, safety and quality. We apply these core principles on every single project that we undertake so we can better serve our clients without compromising the values that define us. Contact us today to learn more about our personnel and logistical services, designed to help you maintain compliance and grow as a business.