Many companies in the energy industry rely on their supply chain to maintain their most basic day-to-day operations. Every type of facility in the extraction and production process requires a consistent supply of dozens of different materials and substances. The management burden becomes even more demanding when accounting for appropriate containment when handling hazardous compounds and timely arrival at various work sites.

The sheer scope and complexity of logistical operations presents a real challenge to many companies, especially those that don’t have the tools or expertise to maximize value throughout their supply chain. However, this is one area that companies simply can’t afford to ignore. Cutting even small costs at each stage of supply procurement and distribution can determine the overall financial health of the business.

Balance Business Relationships with Value

Establishing strong relationships with suppliers can certainly be an asset for businesses, especially when the connection is reliable and affordable. Even though maintaining these relationships can offer a lot of value, companies should also always be aware of their options and alternatives for supply needs. Diversifying suppliers allows companies to test more of their options and also gives them an opportunity to identify potential back-ups for emergencies.

Place Logistical Experts in Management Positions

Knowing how to put the right people in the right positions is one of the fundamental responsibilities of a company leader and is a defining force that helps determine the organization’s long-term success or failure. Businesses in the energy industry stand to benefit greatly from designating supply management positions and finding logistical experts to fill them. Centralizing these tasks under a professional team is essential for streamlining and integrating the entire process.

As established providers of personnel services for companies in the energy industry, Expeditors & Production Services (EPS) can help clients fill the knowledge and experience gaps in their management team. Rather than investing in scouting, recruitment and development for senior staff positions, they can use our logistics services and experienced logistics professionals to start addressing supply chain issues immediately.

Leverage Integrated Software Solutions

Oil and gas facilities are no strangers to technological innovation. In fact, many of the core processes involved in extraction, transportation and processing rely on a host of automated machines and digital devices. While technology obviously places a role in making daily operations more efficient, it can also transform the way that companies manage their supply acquisition and distribution.

Aside from comprehensive safety and personnel services, EPS also serves clients through access to advanced cargo and material software solutions designed specifically for logistical management in the oil and gas industries. A unified database system puts an amazing amount of information at a company’s fingertips, allowing managers to make informed decisions quickly. Integrated software management can be incredibly valuable for companies that use it to its full potential.

Never Stop Improving

Even though it’s well-worn wisdom that applies to many aspects of business, it’s important that companies never stop improving their supply management strategy. The modern energy industry is extremely complex and demanding, so embracing innovation and flexible thinking are essential qualities for a growing business.