Supply chain management is one of the biggest challenges facing companies in the energy sector, particularly those involved in offshore drilling projects. There are dozens of different variables that can impact complex logistical operations, so there is no substitute for experience and skill in their execution. That’s why many businesses turn to reputable third parties to fulfill some or all their logistical and personnel needs.

EPS leverages our diverse team of talented professionals, an array of industry connections and years of experience to deliver value-oriented solutions for clients. We understand the frustrations, obstacles and considerations that operators face on a regular basis, so our personnel and logistics services are designed to streamline our client’s overall operations by increasing efficiency, cutting waste and improving safety for workers.

Access to Shorebase and Rental Services

Shorebases serve as an essential hub of transit, transportation and communication for offshore drilling operations. While some companies maintain their own property for this purpose, a well-equipped and fully-featured base can be a costly investment. Rather than foot the bill and responsibilities of managing a shorebase on their own, many of our clients take advantage of our established bases instead.

Rental and lease of third-party shorebases allows operators access to critical shorebase services and facilities for only a fraction of the cost of maintaining their own. Not only does this cut down on overhead expenses, it also mitigates costs associated with training base staff and maintenance of equipment, structures and utilities on the site. EPS offers clients access to several well-positioned shorebase sites along the Louisiana coastline, including locations in Cameron, Venice, Intracoastal City and Fourchon.

The Power of Outsourcing Personnel

Personnel are a key consideration when it comes to logistics or any other procedural concern involving drilling or transportation. Companies typically invest a significant amount of resources into training employees to do their jobs properly, responsibly and safely. There is no doubt that employees are a primary source of value and productivity in business, so companies have to take their personnel needs seriously if they want to succeed in the long-term.

Fortunately, rig owners have an alternative to developing, managing and building a full staff for all their operations. Our personnel services provide companies with the opportunity to build a customized professional team in a matter of days rather than years. Clients that outsource some or all of their personnel needs to reliable third-party providers can confine interactions to a single point of contact, leaving decision makers more time to focus on big picture issues.

We maintain a diverse team of professionals who can fill virtually any position in drilling or logistics projects. EPS shorebase dispatchers can organize and coordinate transportation operations to deliver effective and efficient results for clients. Our staff also includes seasoned rig hands, cooks, cleaners and material men, who provide oversight and review of sensitive processes.

Building Value with Outsourcing

While some operators hesitate at the idea of outsourcing personnel or logistical needs, many companies stand to benefit greatly by incorporating third-party services into their business plan. At EPS, our services are specifically designed to be flexible and customizable. Clients can pick and choose what kind of services and personnel they want us to provide, so they remain in complete control of the situation. We encourage anyone interested to contact us to learn more about how we can cut costs and streamline operations to help improve overall profitability in the years ahead.