Employers often gauge workers in terms of their worth as an asset to the organization. However, businesses aren’t the only ones who view this relationship from a value-oriented perspective. Employers are also a source of value for employees, and not just because they cut their paychecks. Skilled workers often evaluate hiring companies based on the value that they can give them in terms of education, experience and professional development.

Addressing “Brain Drain” in the Energy Industry

The loss of existing talent and waning interest of younger generations has placed many companies in the energy industry in a difficult position. Attracting and retaining high-value employees is a competitive undertaking by definition, which means employers need to be responsive, proactive and willing to invest in their human resources. Business leaders who want to retain their talent need to learn how to engage their workforce and provide them with meaningful professional opportunities.

Look for Learning Opportunities

Many employees in younger generations express a desire to learn skills outside of their conventional responsibilities. Employers who want to truly engage talented workers need to satisfy their desire to learn and improve themselves. This can include presenting detailed incident reports relevant to the individual’s work and providing constructive feedback about their performance.

New Experiences and Challenges

Continuing in the theme of learning and professional development, talented and motivated employees are also drawn to environments that challenge them and provide opportunity for fresh experiences. Fear of career stagnation can cause even the most dedicated employees to consider leaving an organization. Employers that can challenge their workers and provide room for their professional growth are more likely to retain talent.

Compensate Accordingly

Money isn’t everything, but it’s important nonetheless. Companies that don’t compensate their skilled workers with a competitive salary and attractive benefits are likely to lose the race for talent. Company leaders should consider the true costs of hiring and training replacements over a moderate increase in an existing salary.

Setting the Foundation for a Strong Workforce

The potential for career development, particularly upward growth, is a valuable principle to incorporate into company culture. Rewarding effort, loyalty and development shows workers that their employer understands their objectives and is aligned with their values. Displaying mutual understanding and a desire for symbiotic success can go a long way towards improving worker engagement.

Cultivating a strong workforce is an essential goal for most oil and gas operators. Talented employees are absolutely essential for creating long-term growth and achieving stability within an organization. Starting this process from scratch can be painstaking and difficult, which is why some companies turn to external solutions like those offered by Expeditors and Production Services (EPS).

Employers don’t necessarily need to build a workforce or create retention policies from scratch. Our comprehensive personnel services are designed to provide flexible coverage for clients who want to incorporate third-party expertise into their team. Our team members have a wide range of specialties and experience levels, ranging from practiced rig crew members to management consultants and logistics experts.