At approximately 1:00 pm on September 24, 2022 the EPS team at our Fourchon shorebase were preparing to make a lift of a 35,000 lb coil tubing reel to the deck of the M/V Raven. EPS crane operator, Dustin, noticed that the D-Rings on the CT unit were rigged to the spreader bar improperly. The D-rings were assembled inside the shackles of the spreader bar, creating a side load on the shackle that could have resulted in a potential failure during lift. EPS crane operator, Dustin, called Stop Work, and reported the noncompliance to the operator day dispatcher. There was no injury to personnel or damage to equipment with hardly any time lost during the Stop Work. Great job Dustin and EPS crew for identifying hazards, making corrections, and making sure everyone stays safe.