We pride ourselves on the strong and proficient safety culture that we have built here at EPS. Our belief is that a safe work environment begins with staffing operations with the most competent field personnel in the industry. This is achieved through our innovative and custom-built competency verification program. Our program gives employees confidence in our company and increases retention and value, while ensuring peace of mind for the clients we are fortunate to partner with.

Our competency evaluations are performed by highly qualified administrators. Each evaluator has an average of three decades of field and industry experience, and are capable of not only assessing competency, but also educating employees during their evaluation. These administrators were also selected for their ability to engage with others in a positive, productive feedback dialog.

EPS’s competency verification program is custom-built, so we have the ability to pinpoint and adapt to meet the specific needs of our employees. Data is reviewed regularly to identify trending gaps in evaluations, and we have the capability to create training modules specific to these gaps to increase the skill level of our employees as a whole.

We also believe in being flexible to meet the needs of our employees. Evaluations can be completed entirely online or on paper, depending on the employee’s preference. EPS is committed to personal, face-to-face relationships with our team. EVERY employee gets a one-on-one meeting with an assessor to discuss evaluation results. This can be done in person or via phone or video conferencing.

Our simple, effective and personal approach to competency has truly set EPS apart from the competition. Customers can be confident that every evaluation is a precise assessment of the employee’s competency. We aren’t just filling a spot; we are filling a spot with a qualified hand. Not only are we providing our customers with qualified people, we are also delivering personnel that has the opportunity to continue to learn and develop, making them an invaluable asset to the company. Because our competency verification program was created in-house, our clients can rest assured that even with shutdowns, public health crises and natural disasters, we have the capability to stay on top of the competency evaluations of our team. Finally, at EPS, we understand that a satisfied employee is engaged, has a sense of accountability and is committed for the long haul. We take care of our own. A disgruntled workforce is one less headache our clients have to deal with.

For more information about our competency verification program, or to schedule a lunch and learn, contact info@epsteam.com.