Cultivating a diverse, experienced and effective workforce is one of the most difficult and expensive investments that a modern company can make. This issue is particularly pronounced in the energy industry due to the unique logistical, legal and procedural issues involved. While some businesses hesitate to outsource some or all of their personnel needs, this practice can yield incredible value and competitive advantage. In this blog, we outline the benefits of outsourcing logistics personnel for both land and offshore operations.

Focus on Business Priorities

Hiring, training and supervising a vast number of employees can complicate an already challenging operation. Outsourcing personnel management services gives executives and managers more time to focus on their core business, strategic planning and business opportunities. Rather than worrying about micromanaging the workforce, businesses can focus on generating profit and improving their organization as a whole.

Leverage Prior Experience

One of the chief advantages of outsourcing personnel is immediate access to a diverse, experienced and skilled team of professionals. The personnel available though Expeditors & Production Services includes a wide range of specialists and industry veterans, including shorebase dispatchers, rig clerks, material managers, safety technicians, cargo handlers, auditors, inspectors and more. Outsourcing these personnel positions mean companies don’t have to invest resources into vetting, training and developing key staff members.

Established Business Network

As with most industries, companies involved in energy production can gain a lot of value from business networking and relationships. As an established third-party provider, EPS maintains ties with other members of the industry to facilitate logistical operations and improve overall efficiency. We can coordinate resource sharing such as shared transportation to save our clients money.

Single Point of Contact

Some business leaders are concerned about outsourcing due to the perceived potential for miscommunication and confusion. However, working with a reputable and experienced provider like EPS can actually make things much easier. Working through a single point of contact for project and personnel needs keeps things simple and allows company leaders to communicate with their workers seamlessly.

Accident Reduction

While any oil and gas operation has the potential for accidents, most of these events can be prevented with proper preparation and execution. Personnel sourced from EPS are mindful of equipment and take steps to ensure they are preserved during onboarding and offboarding processes. They also know how to fully utilize rigging and lifting tools to safely manage cargo, preventing accidents and damage to expensive equipment or materials.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

EPS land and rig clerks serve an essential role in tracking, reporting and communicating vital information to key personnel involved in an operation. Outsourcing this responsibility to seasoned professionals helps companies maximize the cost-saving and accountability potential of the position. Granular reporting provides fine details regarding various aspects of the operation, revealing additional opportunities to save money.

Confidence in Compliance

Compliance is always a top priority in the energy industry. Outsourcing auditors, inspectors or compliance personnel from a reliable provider gives companies access to an expert management team that stays up to date on all applicable regulations, laws and codes to ensure on-site compliance.

Resource Conservation

Virtually all businesses lose some of their value to waste, even if it’s just a small amount. Oil and gas operations are susceptible to waste at almost every level, and these losses can add up to a significant amount over time. Outsourced galley hands, cooks and other auxiliary staff members know how to plan and perform their duties to minimize overall waste.

Strict Quality Standards

Auditing is the best way for companies to make sure their operations are efficient, streamlined and transparent. Outsourced auditors from EPS are laser-focused on quality during inspections and they hold all personnel, equipment and on-site structures to high standards at all times.

Streamlined Operations

Oil and gas operations are often high-risk environments for workers, so maintaining safety through routine tests and inspections is essential. Pre-BSEE drilling and production inspectors from EPS are familiar with many common and exceptional industry hazards, allowing them to quickly identify specific risks and compliance issues that could jeopardize worker safety.

For many businesses in the energy industry, outsourcing personnel can have significant cost-saving benefits and improve operational quality, safety and consistency. As an established logistical service provider, EPS offers comprehensive and selective outsourcing that can be tailored to match the needs of each client. We connect companies with reliable, experienced professionals who have the knowledge and skills to do the job properly. Contact us today to learn more about our personnel services.