Personnel Services

EPS understands that managing logistical services for the oil & gas sector is a complex and challenging business.

EPS has created systems that deliver efficiencies to ensure our client’s downtime is minimized and cost savings are maximized.

EPS has done this by offering a total package of services to our clients. Clients can pick and choose the services they want or EPS can customize services to meet our individual client needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing

There are several benefits of outsourcing in the Oil & Gas industry. It allows our clients to focus on the management of their Core Business without the day to day dealings of employee managing. Having a Third Party Provider allows for more opportunities for improved utilization and resource sharing and having One Point of Contact makes projects Easier to Manage. Outsourcing also reduces amount of assets needed to service projects by driving out inefficiencies and provides the Flexibility to meet current and future needs. Finally, outsourcing allows client to purchase just the needed service capacities and enables improved performances.