3-Year TRIR Average: 0.18

We hold the safety of our people, our assets and our partners at a premium. It’s this commitment to safety, the environment and our key stakeholders that allows us to retain the top talent in the industry. When you work with EPS, you can rely on the fact that our well-trained professionals will support your safety goals on every project.

We have developed a Safety Culture & Atmosphere through constant awareness and positive reinforcement. We hold each employee accountable for their own safety and the safety of their co-workers. We have established Policies & Procedures in place to monitor and track our progress. We empower each of our employees to intervene and /or invoke the “Stop Work Authority.”

Incident Free Operation (IFO)

EPS believes that we can achieve and maintain Incident Free Operation (IFO). In an effort to set goals that are achievable, we have implemented an IFO goal that we believe our facilities and employees can obtain while encouraging reporting of all incidents from the use of Stop Work Authority to Near Misses up to a Major Incident. We have implemented a tracking system that follows both individual facilities and the company as a whole in terms of IFO days. Once these set goals are reached for the facility and/or the company as a whole IFO rewards will be given.

Safety Statement

It is the intent of Expeditors & Production Services to provide a safe environment for all its employees. It is also our intent to properly manage any incidents that occur so as to minimize injury and other forms of loss. A well-managed workplace safety program can benefit our organization and its people in countless ways. In order for Expeditors & Production Services to achieve our goals, we have developed a workplace safety program outlining the policies and procedures regarding employee health and safety. Each and every individual must become familiar with the program, follow and enforce the procedures, and become an active participant in this workplace safety program.

While management [the workplace safety manager and workplace safety committee] will be responsible for developing and organizing this program, its success will depend on the involvement of each employee. We look forward to your cooperation and participation.

Todd Matte – President

Key Principles

  • Behavior is the cause of Accidents
  • Consequences Motivate Behavior
  • Feedback is essential for improvement
  • Communication is Essential
  • Encourage Proactive Approach to Safety
  • Participation Creates Ownership
  • Observation, Behavior, and Reporting are KEY

Safety Certifications